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How much for the full version

It's really good for rpg game. When I try to get the full version it won't let me get it.

Good game

It seems like developers are really made this game with love. Even made it with the Russian voice haha I had some complains about resolution on my iPhone 5s - graphics here is blurred. And I cannot play on iPad Air cause I need iOS 10? to play it Also I would like to have iCloud saves Other ways this game have potential for the people who likes this kind of game (I don't like middle age - I'll prefer real time, future or post apocalyptic) I hope you guys will be doing well:) Успехов вам в ваших проектах! Удачи!

Не ставьте

Игра полное дно. Управление не какое, графика тоже. Не советую.

Wouldn't recommend.

I was hoping the game was a gem on the App Store, but unfortunately I was wrong. First I'll start off with the graphics. Bad. Just bad. Rough edges everywhere, poor textures, everything. The game doesn't even have any graphics settings besides Energy Saver mode. Half the time you can't even see anything because at night time the game becomes pitch black. You legitimately can't see anything at night, even with your device's brightness turned to max. And to top it off, the frame rate is all over the place. Well if the graphics are terrible the gameplay surely must make up for it...right? Nope. The gameplay looks like it wants to be dark souls, but just falls on it's face. Half the time the game locks onto a random enemy that's not even in range. Most of the time the game throws groups of enemies at you, which wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't for the fact that most of the time you get stunlocked and can't do anything. There's nothing wrong with a challenging game, but it is when the game is challenging due to a lack of polished gameplay. It just feels super clunky overall. I haven't completed the main quest (mostly due to the aforementioned issues) but suffice to say it isn't the most interesting thing ever. Overall, the game lacks any polish whatsoever. The graphics are terrible, combat is clunky at best, and the story could use better translation. There's definitely potential here, the devs just need to polish and refine the game more. In its current state, I wouldn't recommend Unrest Age, there's just too many open world RPGs on the App Store that are vastly superior to it.

Unfinished product

To the developer finish the game before you release it to the App Store. Or you can warn people this is still under development. This is a sour thing developers do that I hate. And I will not be checking back on this trash product. 99 cents wasted again.

Great game

This game is awesome,the money that I paid is not wasted.i love the graphics is so lively.i just have some issue about the sensitivity in the right side it so slow even I adjust in full sensitivity,just like I run in the forest and I want to turn left or right its not response quickly.i been trouble also while fighting I hope you can add another button for change target.Idied so many times because my target is hide at the back of my other enemy,.Add animals birds to be more lively.add multiplayer pvp.i hope you appreciate the five star,thanks

Bug problem

I can't pass the first mission because I can't access the backdoor in the house. I see the interactive button, but when I press on it nothing happens. I'm stuck now. Edit #1: Forgot to mention that this game needs a way to un-target a character, because when I lock on to one of the character, I couldn't unlock from them. They're friendly npc so I couldn't hurt them. I had to quit in order to un-target them. Also, there's no option to quick the game to go back to the main menu, but I don't think it's really important. Edit #2: Holy crap, I can't see s*** in the night time!!! All the light sources are missing in the game! I resolved it by closing and opening the application again, but it should be fix, it happens at random. And closing the app won't work eventually, I keep trying but the lights all go out. I can't see at all and can't fight enemies!

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